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Planning for water resources under uncertainty


Access to water is one of the most pressing societal issues of the 21st century. Climate change and growing demands are increasingly stressing available resources, exacerbating long existing challenges of sustainability, resilience, and equity. Uncertainty about how the future may unfold, as well as the increasing complexity with which human systems interact, present large scientific challenges at the forefront of current research. 

The Hadjimichael Research Group is using computational modeling, policy analysis, data science and other tools to inform water resources planning and advance our understanding of how humans and environmental systems interact. 


Using simulation-based exploratory analysis, multi-objective optimization, and data analytics our research supports planning for socio-environmental systems under uncertainty and informs our understanding of their interactions and dynamics.

Image by Jon Flobrant
Hydroelectric Plant

Water resources planning under uncertainty

This work focuses on the advancement and application of exploratory approaches to resilience assessment for water resources systems. Through the use of modeling, high-performance computing and visual analytics my research explores large ensembles of plausible futures for a system to better understand how stressors affect water resources and their users.

Understanding interactions and multi-sector dynamics

Water resources are tightly coupled with Earth systems, energy, food production, and human well-being. My work tries to illuminate how these systems interact with each other to shape risks, resilience and other objectives.

Data analytics for complex socio-environmental systems

Artificial intelligence methods, such as many-objective evolutionary optimization and machine learning, are used to explore and understand how human actions shape environmental systems and how climate and other stressors affect outcomes for humans and their precious resources.

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