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Dr. Antonia Hadjimichael

Assistant Professor
Penn State University

I am an interdisciplinary scientist working on water resources planning under uncertainty, with a particular interest in complex socio-environmental systems. My toolkit includes many-objective evolutionary optimization, machine learning, visual analytics and high performance computing.

I hold a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Leicester, UK, a MSc in Environmental Modeling from University College London (UCL), UK, and a PhD in Water Science and Technology from the University of Girona, Spain. I have been a Postdoctoral Associate of the Reed Group at Cornell University and I am currently an Assistant Professor at the Department of Geosciences at Penn State University

I serve as Chair of Communications for the Society for Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty and I am member of the Facilitation Team for the MultiSector Dynamics Community of Practice. I recently got elected to serve on Penn State's Water Council

In my spare time I enjoy foraging, cooking, and online communities. I grew up in the beautiful island of Cyprus, and have lived in the UK, Spain, the Netherlands, and the United States. 

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